Friday, July 2, 2010

The Princess and the Frog

I guess the new construction has attracted these tiny frogs to our front yard. Almost every single morning, Abby wakes up at 6:30, dresses herself, and asks if she can go ‘look for frogs.’ She spends hours on end, digging, finding these oversized tadpoles and playing with them. The problem is that I think they get a little shell-shocked and well, they die in her arms more often than not. The other day she gave one to her dad and said, “Daddy can you hold this one, he’s sleeping.” She is becoming more aware of the problem (thanks to her mean mommy), but today when I went outside to check on her, she had just put one down on the driveway:
Me: “Is that one dead too?”
Abby (knowing full well she had killed another frog, but not wanting to admit it): “No, he’s just waiting.”

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