Wednesday, June 22, 2011


As you may know, I love, love LOVE musical theatre (not theater, thanks). I cannot get enough of it. The first musical I remember seeing was Annie at Music Circus in Sacramento. From there, the Broadway tour of Showboat. Then I graduated to The Phantom of the Opera in San Fran...twice. Apparently when we were dating, my husband got the impression that the only way he could spend quality time with me was by letting me drag him to whatever show was playing. In fact, he first found out I could (sort of) sing when I sang "Over the Moon" in its entirety, to him in my driveway (thanks Idina).
In high school, I was a wannabe Broadway star. This just means that I was in choir (treble, concert, show, all of 'em), tried out for all the musicals, and trailed close behind the most talented kids in school in hopes their brilliance would rub off on me. Those "greats" are now on Broadway, on cruise ships, and ... Law and Order?

Anyway, I first learned of a show called Wicked in 2005, when it came up on my "show tunes" internet radio station (no, I'm not joking). Wicked is a prequel to the Wizard of Oz, obviously one of the most beloved movies of all time.  Here's what I know about Wicked so far:
Glinda (the "Good Witch) and Elphaba (the "Wicked Witch of the West") are roomates in school.   Elphaba had the unfortunate privilege of being born green.  Glinda is popular (and sings about it).  There's a man named Fiyero who eventually turns into the Scarecrow. The wizard is there of course, with some monkies, a weird lady name Ma-blah blah something, the "Witch of the East," Elphaba's tortured sister, a munchkin, and some other stuff.  
Commencing now, I am making it my mission to see Wicked, because I would like some questions answered:
  • Where did the ruby slippers come from?
  • Why will the witch melt if you throw water on her?
  • Is the Wicked Witch of the West REALLY wicked (I kinda don't think so based on what I've heard)?
  • Why did Judy Garland OD when she still had so many talented years ahead of her?
  • Do you think sometimes people mistake me for Kristin Chenoweth?  
  • What is the origin of the yellow brick road?
  • Could I have been talented enough to appear on Law and Order, or even the cruise ship Celebration, for that matter? 
The Broadway tour of Wicked: coming to Austin, Texas January 2012! Backstage passes welcome.