Sunday, March 7, 2010

Josh's Prayers

Lately our kids have been very excited about praying. As soon as we sit down for what they recognize is a "famiwy dinner," Abby especially will immediately tell us it's time to pray. Her prayers include thanks for the food and a simple request or two....short and sweet. Joshua, however, has taken it to a new level. Here are a couple of examples of Josh's latest supplications:

(you may need to read them aloud to yourself for the full effect)

Upon hearing that Abby's teacher's dad passed away:

"Oh! We need to pray for him.....'WARD Jesus, be wif him in Heaven. Give him sometin' to dwink when he's firsty and sometin' to eat when he's hungwy. Aaammeen."

At IHOP just before our meal:

"Ward Jesus, fank you for dis food and be wif Nanny's spiwit under da ground. Amen."


  1. Oh my goodness...................

  2. LOL! Too cute! And I love that I can "hear" exactly how he says everything :)