Friday, July 2, 2010

The Princess and the Frog

I guess the new construction has attracted these tiny frogs to our front yard. Almost every single morning, Abby wakes up at 6:30, dresses herself, and asks if she can go ‘look for frogs.’ She spends hours on end, digging, finding these oversized tadpoles and playing with them. The problem is that I think they get a little shell-shocked and well, they die in her arms more often than not. The other day she gave one to her dad and said, “Daddy can you hold this one, he’s sleeping.” She is becoming more aware of the problem (thanks to her mean mommy), but today when I went outside to check on her, she had just put one down on the driveway:
Me: “Is that one dead too?”
Abby (knowing full well she had killed another frog, but not wanting to admit it): “No, he’s just waiting.”

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Josh's Prayers

Lately our kids have been very excited about praying. As soon as we sit down for what they recognize is a "famiwy dinner," Abby especially will immediately tell us it's time to pray. Her prayers include thanks for the food and a simple request or two....short and sweet. Joshua, however, has taken it to a new level. Here are a couple of examples of Josh's latest supplications:

(you may need to read them aloud to yourself for the full effect)

Upon hearing that Abby's teacher's dad passed away:

"Oh! We need to pray for him.....'WARD Jesus, be wif him in Heaven. Give him sometin' to dwink when he's firsty and sometin' to eat when he's hungwy. Aaammeen."

At IHOP just before our meal:

"Ward Jesus, fank you for dis food and be wif Nanny's spiwit under da ground. Amen."

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Where do Babies Come from?

I've tried to blog for what seems like forever now...but it seems as though my thoughts always come at the most inopportune times: frequently while grocery shopping, laying down to sleep, while sitting on the....well anyway - I never seem to sync the time my thoughts come to me with the time I'm sitting in front of a keyboard. Today, the stars aligned.

My kids and I have a pretty good relationship, but on this particular day, I felt that my limited interaction with them was spent telling them to 'stop doing that,' and raising my voice. So, I made us all lunch and sat down at the table with them for a few minutes of bonding. While I don't consider that move a mistake, this is the result of that decision:

Abby: 'Mommy, how do babies get in mommies' tummies?'

While this is a perfectly normal question for an ever so curious 5-year-old, I was totally not ready to even make up an answer to this question, even being the most prepared parent I know how to be. This only happens in TV sitcoms! On top of that, Byron was not closeby to distract her with a milkshake or come up with some witty answer (she believes everything her daddy tells her).

Me: Uh....uhhh.....well.
(as she looks at me with a great expectation for the right answer)
They just grow in mommies tummies!

Abby: yes, but how do they GET there?

At this point, I start sweating (literally) all the while thinking about how I can't wait to 'tweet' about it and get a few good laughs in about this oh so awkward moment.

Me: Well, the mommies and the daddies...see...they...they...well, they ASK for them to be there!

Now we KNOW that can't be right! Sure, most of us WANT kids at some point or another, but REALLY? They ASK for them to be there?? I look at her with an expression of hope, fully expecting her to demand a better explanation...

Abby: ohhhhh...well

Josh: Hey! Abby look at Mariokart!

And they go on with their day.

I am off the hook. Until next time.......